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Electrical Welding Equipment , Armature Commutator Automatic Welding Machine

Electrical Welding Equipment , Armature Commutator Automatic Welding Machine

Electrical Welding Equipment , Armature Commutator Automatic Welding Machine

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Place of Origin: China
Nama merek: HWASHI
Sertifikasi: CE/CCC/ISO
Model Number: WL-S-25K

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Harga: negotiation
Packaging Details: sea worthy wooden package
Delivery Time: 7-30 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 50 sets per month
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Product Name: Electrical Welding Equipment , Armature Commutator Automatic Welding Machine Application: Welding Armature Commutator
Size: 1300x900x1700mm Weight: 550kg
Condition: New Warranty: 12 months
Standard: CE/CCC/ISO Service Life: 8-10 years

Electrical Welding Equipment , Armature Commutator Automatic Welding Machine





Input Voltage

Input Power

Output Current


AC pulse

220/ 380V




AC pulse







1. This machine could adopt the working principle of capacitor discharge or AC pulse spot welder. Utilize the pneumatic device to clamp and use stepping motor to conduct stepless rotating (be able to set the quantity of welding commutator at random).


2. According to the requirement provided by customer: wire diameter: 0.6-0.75mm, the machine is designed as 18 to 36 times of spot welding. Operator only needs to put the work piece into the mould, then the machine will conduct automatic rotating, cycle working, and continuous welding.


3.Welding Control System: Adopt the self-developed intelligent microcomputer quick response touch controller, all-digital control, simple and clear operational interface. Automatic testing and compensation which could guarantee the situation that the machine will be at work only when the current value is in the preset data so as to ensure the stability of welding effect and effective prevention of undesirable phenomena like loose welding and cold joint. The features of quick response and high precision of control may help you obtain high quality of welding spots.


4. Pressurized Mechanism: Adopt double-layer cylinder as the pressurized source.Adopt the working manner that the bottom bears the stress from the top to guarantee the good contact, unimpeded, constant resistance value of secondary circuit and stable transmission of output current of welding transformer. Guarantee to obtain high efficient and good quality of welding spots.


5. Automatic Rotating Device: Adopt Japan servo motor rotating device, simple adjustment, quick response, high control precision, powerful driving. Only have to change the corresponding parameters, then it can change the rotating angle so as to change the corresponding welding spots.




Welding of commutator. 



  1. Adopt silicon controlled from IXYS of United Stated with high precision and long service life.
  2. Adopt integrated circuit from Motorola of U.S. and PLC from Japan SIEMENS with quick response and stable performance.
  3. Adopt Japan Panasonic intelligent touch screen control system which is installed with automatic bug alarm system. Clear interface, easy operation, and stable performance.
  4. Adopt self-developed intelligent microcomputer welding control system to control the compensation for the fluctuation of circuit built-in voltage in order to ensure the fluctuation of voltage is within ±15%. Prompt current compensation to ensure the stable welding current of power source.
  5. Adopt Taiwan TECO servo motor with powerful strength, high precision and stable control.
  6. Adopt South Korea SANWO pneumatic components with stable performance.
  7. The transformer adopts Japan high purity silicon steel sheet with good magnetic and electricity conductivity. Less power consumption, more powerful and stable capacity.
  8. Strictly comply with CE security standard to design the machine. Lower the accident rate.



1. HWASHI is the leading brand in resistance welding industry in China for 20 years; Factory direct sale, competitive price.

2. Customized Service: We can help to design and develop the welding machine according to your requirement. We are flexible and capable Supplier.

3. Genuine Product with Excellent Quality:  12 months warranty. Our machines are strictly complied with ISO9001:2000 and China Compulsory Certification. Most of our machines enjoy 8-10 years service life. 100% guarantee test before delivery.

4. After Sales Service and Technical Assistance: 24 hours technical support by email. Our professional team is always here willing to be your technical consultant.

5. Quick Delivery: Our company provides just-in-time delivery.

6. Prompt Response to Customers: Your satisfaction is the goal we pursue.




          Electrical Welding Equipment , Armature Commutator Automatic Welding Machine



                    Electrical Welding Equipment , Armature Commutator Automatic Welding Machine


Electrical Welding Equipment , Armature Commutator Automatic Welding Machine














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